Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Arrival in Accra

So I've arrived in Accra. Getting off the plane, I was hit by a wave of humid, earthy air. My new home smells good. Even at the airport. Customs was a breeze. I was told my 1 year visa is actually only good for two months, at which point I have to get my NGO to renew. Efficient bureaucracy at work.

Baggage claim wasn't as friendly. Only one of my bags arrived with the plane. Guess what it had in it? All my clothes, contact lenses, glasses, anti-malarials, toiletries and footwear. At least I still have my video equipment. Even if I can't see, I can at least record for future viewing.

So, now off to visit the JHR office and get some supplies, including a cell.

Enjoying myself, and thinking of all of you.


Kate said...

Fingers crossed that it shows up soon. Get yourself some malaria meds - last thing you need is to be blind and feverish all at once.
What a crazy start to your adventures!
Thinking of you

melanie scott said...

hey kevin! when i went to africa i had to spend 48 hours in various airports because of flight delays and missed connections. then when i finally arrived in nairobi, my pack was missing (i cried). but the luggage showed up faithfully the very next day, so have faith!

Kevin Hill said...

Thanks, guys. Melanie, I've taken your words to heart.