Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First Post

It's July 3rd, and I've got 'lucky 13' days to go before flying to Ghana. I've had a little streak of bad luck: a computer melt-down, expensive camera repair and car troubles, all in the last few days. A trip to NYC for the long weekend has softened the blow a bit. I'm now trying to get all the last minute details out of the way while dealing with these minor catastrophes.

A brief presentation to prepare, and a week of training to come. I've made contact with Jessie Johnston, another CIDA intern also going to Ghana. We're presenting a 'Ghana in 5 minutes' country profile at the JHR office in one week.

I've also made contact with Doug Murray, a journalist with JHR who I will be working with. He just so happens to have a blog at www.roadspill.blogspIot.com Doug has passed on some invaluable wisdom from Takoradi, and will be putting me up in his house when I arrive.

I'm starting to get excited.

More soon...


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