Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Big Brother Update

After missing a day of work due to a ‘runny stomach’ I return to the newsroom to discover that some further changes, apart from the addition of CCTV cameras, have been made. The news director, a staff journalist/newsreader, and two long term and unpaid intern-journalists have been fired. Or, as it was stated in today’s poorly attended editorial meeting, their appointments have been terminated.

The CEO attends the meeting, but makes no mention of the changes. After he leaves the newsroom is informed that, despite being sacked, those affected can apologize and regain their positions. One of the interns has already found a new position with another radio station.

I have been able to work with the two long-term interns on interesting stories, from the deplorable conditions found at the local slaughterhouse to child trafficking. Both are very talented, intelligent and hard working young journalists who worked for nearly a year as unpaid interns. Paying for the experience of being a part of the SKYY News team.

As mentioned in the previous post, the news director found himself cut off at the knees. He was given the responsibility of managing a newsroom that he didn’t have the power to control.

The staff journalist/newsreader was involved in a power struggle with another journalist whom I also find out is the CEO’s brother in-law.

Also currently at risk of losing their positions are those doing their national service. Despite being placed through a government program that requires an agreement from the employer. Apparently three paid interns is one or two too many.

Now we await the resolution of the drama. Will those fired apologize and come back to work? Will the newsroom limp along and keep going short handed? Will the CEO hire a new batch of people to institute a new world order? Will the entire newsroom be shut down and replaced by a relay news-feed?

Stay tuned for more…

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