Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Abandoned Refugee Children Home

Hey everyone,
here's another chance to get involved in Buduburam's ARCH!
As part of a family donation, a big water tank has been given to the home.
Help out by filling the tank with water and keep the children of ARCH clean, fed and well hydrated!



Anonymous said...

Too bad the Krisan refugee camp doesn't get any attention. And it's even in the Western Region!

A tale of two camps:
the one that gets noticed and one that gets forgotten.

Kevin Hill said...

You are very right. Access to Krisan is difficult at best, especially as a journalist. I visited the camp last week for the first time after meeting some Liberian refugees living in Takoradi. I will be writing an article about it with a focus on the overall isolation that the Liberians there experience.

Thanks for the link!

Kate said...

how's salone? we want news!

megan215 said...

Not sure if you are actually still in Ghana, but you probably know someone who is, so:
I am writing to implore you and/or your journalist colleagues to travel to Buduburam Refugee Camp to report on current events. I am certain that with your contacts and education, you probably know more about these events than I can gather from internet friendly USA. Brief background: hundreds of women and child refugees have been staging a "sit in" for many weeks to call for increased repatriation funds or 3rd country resettlement (both are unrealistic goals in my opinion). It is my understanding that they have not heard from anyone representing the UNHCR to mediate a compromise and give them a voice in their future. Early in the am on March 17, 2008 Ghanaian police arrested hundreds of these peaceful protesters for violation of Ghanaian law. There is still no sign of UNHCR getting involved. Now the deputy interior minister of Ghana is threatening immediate deportation for these hundreds of mothers and grandmothers. I fear that tensions on camp could escalate with a dire outcome. This story needs immediate, objective, and thorough coverage. I have no idea where to begin contacting representatives and human rights orgs and figured raising awareness via journalists for human rights would be a good place to start.
Thank you for your time

Kevin Hill said...

Megan, please know that my colleagues will be on the scene reporting details as they arise. Check out www.jhr.ca/fieldnotes for their work.
I will certainly be contacting people to try and find out more.