Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vanishing Act

Hello readers. Sorry for the delay in posting.

In the past three weeks I have been to Bo and Kenema for a workshop, sat in on two days of the Special Court for Sierra Leone watching former president Tejan Kabbah testify, interviewed about a dozen people on an ongoing story on the social and environmental impact of a mining operation, played volleyball on the beach, attended a few ex-pat parties and got my wallet stolen out of my front pocket while sitting in a taxi.

I've also gained a temporary flatmate, a Torontonian who knows Maggie from the Hidden Cameras. As she prepares to leave Sierra Leone, a steady stream of people have come over to my house for lovely dinner parties and my circle of friends is growing.

I will post a few of the stories I've worked on for your reading pleasure...

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aardvark said...

ahh good, when you get back you'll be nicely in shape for beach volleyball 2009