Monday, October 13, 2008

Concord Times wins human rights reporting award

Defending champion of the Journalists for Human Rights award for excellence in human rights reporting in the newspaper category has repeated the feat in 2008.

The award ceremony also honored Concord Times' senior reporter Rachel Horner for outstanding performance and lasting contribution to the field of investigative and human rights reporting in Sierra Leone.

Other winners included Radio Mankneh, ABC Television, WIMSAL and freelance journalist Abu Bakar Jalloh for his documentary on scrap metal.

The ceremony took place at British Council and the keynote address was given by the first lady Sia Koroma.

She talked about equality in the consideration of press freedom and the importance of investigative, as opposed to sensational, journalism.

She said the media plays an important role in the development in any country. The award is part of a continuous testing of the efficacy of the work of the media and journalists in reporting on important issues.

"I request for JHR to extend their time from five years because of the work that you have done in this country. We want the work to be sustained, so that when you leave we will always remember you for your legacy of good work."

According to Elvis Gbanabom Hallowell, country director for Journalists for Human Rights the awards ceremony was being held to recognize the work of local reporters and local media houses.

"JHR is not an advocacy organization, but to train local journalists. We are moving from a promotional journalism to a developmental journalism. JHR is neither a master nor a mistress in journalism but is here to partner with local journalists to build their capacity and promote developmental stories."

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